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Starting Your Own Pet Grooming Business


man washing dog pet grooming insuranceAre you someone who loves animals? Do you find yourself greeting people’s pets before their owners? Do you spend most of your time browsing the internet for cute pictures of cats and dogs? Do you see stray pets and wish that you could bathe them and help them reach their aesthetic potential? Then you’re most likely someone who would love to open their own pet grooming business.

Starting a business is not easy, no matter what field you decide to enter. If you do want to open a pet grooming business, there are a few steps you must take before your business can take off.


The first step is to research the pet grooming industry to see if it’s really something you want to do. Read blogs about the industry, look up current events and changes in the grooming industry culture. The last thing you want to do is start a business in an industry you know nothing about.

Business Plan

A business cannot be started without a good business plan. This will be the blueprint for your business. This is where you decide on the services you will offer (brushing, bathing, trimming, styling, spa services, etc.) This is where you’ll decide what type of business you want to be (independent, franchise, mobile, from-home). The business plan stage also includes financial planning, how you will price your services, how many employees you’ll need and deciding on the type of equipment you’ll use.


It’s important to know the codes and regulations required for whatever area you decide to operate your business. Certain types of jobs require certain types of certifications. Learn what credentials you’ll need to operate your business.


This is when you decide on your business identity. How do you want the consumer to position your business in the market? This is also where you will decide on a company name, color pallet, mission statement, logo, and anything that will set your business a part from the competition.


You will need to decide on the equipment you want to use. The equipment should be relevant to the type of grooming business you want to run.


This is one of the most important parts of starting your business. As a business owner, you will be met with a lot of risks. So it’s good to have standard business insurance coverage to keep you protected. This includes standard liability coverage as well as workers’ comp (if you decide to have employees). You should also invest in groomers’ insurance coverage to cover the parts of your business that may not be covered by standard business insurance. These include error and omissions, animal bailee (lost or injured animals), commercial auto, and protection for your important data. If you want to know how much insurance you’re eligible for, get a groomers’ insurance quote online at any time.


Another important part of forming your business is marketing. It doesn’t matter how great your business is if no one knows about it. Post ads around town and in local papers. Also, don’t overlook the importance of social media and a website. We are definitely in a digital era; if you don’t have social media you will be left behind.

Starting your own business is equal parts exciting and horrifying. It can be a long process with a lot of false starts, but if you’re patient and persistent, you should be able to get it off the ground in no time. Remember, plan your business, brand it, insure it and market it. Nothing can stop you. Good luck!



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