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Mistakes Every Pet Groomer Should Avoid


If you work as a professional pet groomer, you probably think you know everything there is to know about your job. You know the different styles, techniques, products, and equipment you use to ensure that your customers and their furry companions of truly satisfied. Even though this may be true, there is always a possibility for mistakes, accidents, and mishaps. Listed below are some of the most common mistakes that groomers commit and how you can avoid them.

Using the Wrong Products

This mistake can be made by anyone. Some animals require a specific kind of shampoo, soap, or fragrance chemical based on their skin and fur. If you use the wrong type of product, the animal can lose hair, their skin can get irritated, or much worse. To avoid this mistake, thoroughly research each animal and breed and fully understand the chemicals and products that are specific and safe for them.

Overlooking Teeth

Sure, you can make an animal’s fur feel soft and smell nice; but what about their mouths? It’s no secret that animal breath can have a pungent odor. Also, their teeth require just as much care as a human’s teeth. When grooming, don’t forget to brush your client’s teeth and even offer some pet-friendly breath mints.

Dirty Workspace

Your workspace’s organization is a reflection of you. If clients see your work area and it’s messy, this could cause them to lose trust in your skill as a groomer. No one wants to leave their pets with someone whose workspace is covered in different types of dog hairs, unclean tools, and no sense of organization. Remember to keep your area clean for aesthetic, safety, and health reasons.

Overlooking Ears

Ears are important to most animals. For pets like cats and dogs, ears are more than just body parts used for hearing; they also offer balance, help with breathing, and other animal-specific functions. Their ears are also extremely sensitive and can cause a range of health problems if damaged. As a groomer you must protect the animals’ ears. Most groomers will begin cleaning their animal clients and get chemicals or water in their ears, clip their ear hairs too low, or not clean them at all. Be sure to place cotton balls in the pets’ ears and wrap them so nothing dangerous enters the ear cavities. Also remember to clean them carefully.

Leaving Pets Unattended

Pets are like children: if you look away for a few seconds, they can get themselves into loads of trouble. As a groomer, you may have more than one animal to look after at a time, but you still must play close attention to all of them. All it takes is one cage that isn’t closed completely, one animal being frightened by a stranger, or a weird loud noise for an animal to get loose and run away. Be sure to regularly check on your animal clients and ensure that they are comfortable and have everything they need.

Some mistakes are unpredictable and are almost impossible to avoid. Others can be avoided by just being aware of them and paying close attention to your surroundings. If mistakes do happen they can be costly and time-consuming to correct. To protect yourself from the costs of mistakes, it’s wise to have a pet groomers’ insurance policy. This will protect your from things like customer injury, loss of pets, errors and emission, and much more. You can easily get a pet groomers’ insurance quote online at any time. Protect your business and your clients and try to avoid any damaging mistakes.