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Groomers Insurance


groomer insurance puppyIt’s a busy day at the groomers. Customers have been coming in non-stop and you’re running out of room. Next up for a shampoo is Bella, the miniature poodle that you groom once a month. You approach the cage you left Bella in: it’s open and she’s nowhere to be seen. Now you have to tell her owner who is going to be very upset. Finding Bella is going to be time consuming and expensive; you may have a lawsuit coming your way. Thankfully you have Groomers Insurance for situations just like these.

As a groomer, you are not only responsible for the physical beautiful of your clients’ pets; you are also trusted with the care and well-being of their animals. But, as with any business, your pet grooming company is exposed to many risks. It doesn’t matter if you work in a facility, at home, or as a mobile grooming service; there are tons of liabilities. Sure you have good business owners’ insurance, but that may not be enough for your type of work.

That’s why every groomer should invest in a Groomers Insurance Policy. These policies are specifically tailored to those who work as groomers. These policies come with coverage options that will protect your business, your clients, and your employees. If you need coverage for your grooming business, get a Groomers Insurance Quote today!

What Groomers Insurance Covers

Groomer’s insurance is a type of Business Liability insurance. Business Liability coverage protects business against standard damages, but Groomers Insurance comes with policies that are specific to the industry. Some of those coverage options are mentioned below:

Professional Liability

Professional liability coverage is very important insurance for business owners to have. No one is perfect, and no matter how careful you are, accidents happen. If your clients don’t like your work, you perform the wrong service, or customer property is damaged, your company will be held accountable. This coverage protects your from liability for these occurrences.

Animal Bailee

Animals are very nervous and can be untrusting of strangers. This can make them very difficult to be responsible for. Sometimes things will happen where an animal gets lost or injured. It is also highly expensive to locate a missing animal or treat and injured one. This policy will protect you from the costs associated with missing and injured animals.

Commercial Auto

Some groomers don’t work at one facility and instead travel to meet their clients. This means that they carry their equipment with them and use a company vehicle. Standard auto insurance does not have enough coverage to protect your vehicle during work. That’s why it’s also good to get a commercial auto insurance policy. This protects your equipment, damage to your vehicles and any employee injury experienced.groomers insurance pet groomer shaving dog

If you work as a groomer then you should definitely get a Groomers Insurance policy. You never know what can happen on the job, so it’s best to be safe and secure. If you run a grooming business and you’re not protected, go online and get a Groomers Insurance quote today!




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